American Soccer | Interesting and fun facts about soccer
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Interesting and fun facts about soccer

Interesting and fun facts about soccer

  • Soccer is commonly called football almost all around the world except in the nations of America and Canada where it is alternatively called soccer.
  • On an average, a single player can run about seven miles during a complete soccer game.
  • Chelsea player, Celestin Babayaro injured his leg when celebrating his debut goal in a preseason match.
  • Italian international soccer player, Luigi Riva broke the arm of a spectator struck by his powerful shot.
  • Italian striker Giuseppe Meazza suffered an embarrassing moment when his shorts fell off as he took a final penalty shot during the semi-final of the 1938 World Cup. Despite the laughs, he reacted calmly and continued to take the shot and score a goal.
  • China had banned the video game, Football Manager as it represented the nations of Taiwan and Tibet as individual and separate nations.
  • Michael Laudrup was quite lucky as when he was part of the Real Madrid team which scored 5-0 against Barcelona. Intriguingly, he was part of Barcelona when it scored 5-0 against Real Madrid.
  • The USSA in the years 1919-1921 was the first professional soccer league in the United States and players were paid a mere 35 cents for every goal they scored.
  • In the year 1950, the original World Cup was made of paper-mache which in turn had to replaced due to heavy rains.
  • A disturbing fact about soccer balls was that till the year 1908, the soccer balls were made from the tissue of inflated stomachs of Irish prisoners that had been executed.
  • Till the year 1991, soccer was considered to be illegal in the state of Mississippi of the United States.
  • In the 1930 World Cup final held in Uruguay only saw a total of three hundred as spectators.
  • Despite soccer frenzy and other fanatic nations spread across the globe, the United States is the largest nation that hosts soccer players. Nearly 18 million soccer players exist in the United States.
  • Turkey went on to win the game against Spain in the 1954 World Cup in a qualifier match by drawing straws. Italian origin, Luigi Franco Gemma was blindfolded and made to pick straws to decide the winning outcome.
  • An English referee named Martin Sylvester had himself sent off during an Andover and District Sunday league game held in 1998 after he punched a player during an altercation during the match.


  • Dutch player, Dennis Bergkamp suffered from the fear of flying which led him to miss out many international matches and games for Arsenal.

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